Our work and landscape design

We cultivate orchards and vegetable gardens using natural techniques and considering responsible water consumption.

We restore places featuring the essence of Mediterranean flora, retracing the agricultural history which has shaped the hills surrounding Lucca.

We design gardens that are in harmony with the landscape – ranging from the forests of the Tuscan mountains to the brush along the Tyrrhenian Sea – following the philosophy that the landscape is a garden which we all have to care for.

Be good to the Earth.

Garden design by means of landscape

  • Building and maintenance of the garden
  • Fruit and olive orchard
  • Wild flowers
  • Woodland restoration
  • Vegetable ad kitchen garden
  • Mediterranian plants
  • Bower
  • Roof garden

… and someone reminisced about the large garden that was left to grow wild, which the Buddenbrooks owned just behind the gate to the fortress …

“Good heavens, yes” said the old man, “I always reproach myself for not having been able to fix it up all that time ago and restore it to a more civilized state ! I passed by not so long ago, and it’s a real shame, that virgin forest ! What a pretty property it would be, if only the grass were mown and the trees trimmed as they should be into cones or cubes …”
The consul however protested heatedly.
“Please, Papa ! In the summer I love to walk through those overgrown thickets, but I would find everything ruined if nature, so beautiful and free, were to be thus pitifully mutilated …”
“But for heaven’s sake, if the beauties of nature belong to me, I should also possess the right to modify it to suit my own taste …”
“Oh, Father, sir, when I find myself in the midst of those high grasses and luxuriant bushes, it seems to me that I belong to nature rather than possessing the least rights over her … ”

Buddenbrooks, Thomas Mann